Heirloom Toys

Russell Fullone

S4575 Parker Rd, Hamburg, NY, 14075.

Tel# 716 649 8386


Hierloom toys is a unique artist/ craftsman studio owned by Russell Fullone who is the sole craftsman responsible for all parts of the process. Every piece is carefully handmade using only exotic hardwoods, with no stains used, a non toxic coating is applied, which protects the pieces from harm. There is a lifetime guarantee with all of the pieces, if a repair is needed the piece can be shipped to the above address, ( shipping is at the customers expence, each way).

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1950's MG

1950's MG. $49

Ford Model A, 3 window Coupe

Ford Model A, 3 window Coupe. $59

Studebaker 1929

Studebaker 1929. $69

Duesenburg 1930

Duesenburg 1930. $99

Ford Model A, Police car

Ford Model A, Police Car. $69